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03:51 Savant Savant

Hooping game round 4! I'm hooping to Savant by Bad Baws with my Synth hoop from LED Artistry!

02:05 All My Brenna Dope. All My Brenna Dope.

Campus got shut down from too much snow, So unable to retain my inspiration, I flowed within the space I was given.

03:49 Astral Evoke New Modes Astral Evoke New Modes

Here are all the new POV modes on the Astral Evoke! Use the code "moonshadow" to receive $10 off your Evoke hoop, staff, or wand! Music is heartbeat by Nneka.

03:22 Hooping Game Round 3 Hooping Game Round 3

Round 3 of the hooping game. "I like it" by We The Kings.